“I lost 15 pounds and weigh less than I have weighed in 35 years, I am never going back to my old eating habits.”

– Fran Ryan, Rio Rancho, NM

I help busy people establish healthy eating habits so they can maintain their energy, achieve balance and love their bodies. I can help you achieve your nutrition goals, no matter how challenging your situation.

 Let’s work together if you want to eat real food and achieve lasting, sustainable change.

Let’s work together if you don’t want to rely on some cookie cutter program that tells every participant to eat the same thing, the same time of the day.

Let’s work together if you don’t want to rely on commercially processed food that is marketed and sold to you by one of the many companies in the 60 billion dollars a year diet industry.

Let’s work together if you don’t want to try the latest fad that requires you drink the same powdered cocktail every day for certain meals – because you know you’ll feel good for awhile – BUT – as soon as you go off of it,  you’ll resume your old habits, health status and weight. 

If we tune into our bodies and the nourishment our bodies really need, rather than letting outside factors like stress and negative relationships influence our eating, we will eat the foods and quantities our bodies need.

Our actions tend to come from our thoughts rather than from being tuned into our physical sensations of true hunger and fullness and fatigue and energy. When those thoughts are stress or anxiety provoking, we eat to feel better. We eat when we’re bored, or if we’re avoiding doing something else. We reach for sugar and caffeine for energy when our bodies need sleep. When we use sugar or alcohol to feel better, our bodies become unbalanced and we counter it with more sugar, caffeine and alcohol, having an up and down see-saw effect on our mind and body. When we believe negative, self-defeating thoughts, we don’t eat what our bodies need, we grab for what’s available, what’s easy, what we’ve always eaten. We “don’t have time” to eat healthy – which is really just a self-imposed limiting belief we will deconstruct together.

For more than 10 years I have been helping health-minded people just like you …

Your work is your passion …

Your family is your passion …

You don’t always have the time – place – situation to focus on your food.

Yet, you really WANT and NEED to eat healthy because . . .

  • you would have more energy.

  • you would feel better.

  • you wouldn’t have cravings or crashes.

  • you would reduce stress eating, mindless eating and other types of emotional eating.

  • you would maintain your ideal weight.

  • you would be more productive at work and at home.

  • you would be in a better mood for your family, clients and associates.

  • you would be in a better frame of mind to handle your stress.

  • you would improve your health, decrease pain and eliminate symptoms and the need for medications.

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